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Our business was created for you! Throughout the years we have seen families and property owners fall into positions where owning real estate created massive stress and heartache. We’re here to help weary homeowners find a solution to get out of these weighty situations.

We want to make direct offers on your home. this allows us to get you out of your property much faster and easier than it normally would be. We will create a no-hassle deal for you, allowing you to focus on other important things in your life!

Additionally, we want to increase the value of our community by turning any abandoned or poor quality homes into shining examples of the potential in our neighborhoods.

Are you in a tough real estate situation? We want to hear from you, so that you can get results from us! We are able to help with:

Title Issues520023_78972496
Relocation Assistance
Vacant Properties
Structural Problems
Environmental Problems
Over-leveraged Property
Lien Clearing
Extensive Disrepair
Payment Struggles


While we’re always looking to assist people in getting out from under a difficult property, we also want to help home buyers find an excellent place to live. All of our purchased properties are heavily renovated into a move-in ready condition. Our beautiful remodels will definitely fit both new home buyers and buyers looking to upgrade their home.

While Green Sun Homes, LLC deals in real estate, our primary goal is to meet all of our customers needs. We will always put your goals ahead of our own and treat you with integrity, care, and quality. Your home buying and selling needs are our focus!


Eric Renney

Eric is the CEO and co-founder of Green Sun Homes, LLC. With his extensive background in construction, he has the perfect skills for getting a house flipped with quality and speed. His drive and integrity has created a great portfolio of achievements in sales, construction, leadership, and time management.

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Lewis Renney

Lewis is the COO and co-founder of Green Sun Homes, LLC. His Bachelors Degree in Design and years of design work has given him the ability to effectively create appealing spaces. His love for organization and Associates Degree in Leadership has allowed him to work efficiently in the office.


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