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Green Sun Homes


What kind of real estate do you buy?Info Icon 2

We will buy a house in any condition within the South West, Florida area. There’s nothing you have to do with your home, we will buy it as-is! We are currently not looking to buy any commercial properties, but if you think you have one that might be of particular interest to us, please contact us to discuss it.

What kind of charges are there for your services?

ZERO! We do not charge anything for discussing your situation and providing a solution for your problem. Our business is enabled by the purchase and sale of properties, nothing else.

Do you keep information confidential?Write Icon 1

DEFINITELY! Your privacy is very important to us. Your information will always be kept completely confidential. As a professional business it is in our best interest to be reputable, respectful, and honest. We know that protecting the information you give us is a big part of that, and we can assure you that our company will do it!

WouDollar Iconld you pay a referral fee if your company buys a property I show you?

ABSOLUTELY! This is done on a case by case basis, based on the potential profit gain (up to a cap). We do not provide referral payments until the referred property is sold to us. If you know of a house that looks like it needs to be bought and fixed up, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We love to pay people for helping us find deals!

My situation is very difficult, how can I sell you my house?Exclamation Point Icon

We are knowledgeable about and employ a wide variety of strategies for getting the stress of difficult real estate situations out of your life. We pride ourselves on being able to find a solution to just about any residential real estate problem. Feel free to contact us to find out how we can apply a unique strategy to your property.

Smile Symbol 1Why would I use you over a real estate agent?

The great thing about our company is that we use techniques that allow us to work with properties that real estate agents can’t do. This can either be because of the condition of the home, the speed in which you want to sell your home, or the flexibility of the contract that you require.

Additional questions?

Feel free to contact us to ask any questions you might have. We’d love to assist you!