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The #1 Thing You Can Do To Increase Your Home Value

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Green Sun Homes in Uncategorized

Take a moment and ask yourself, “What’s the most important feature in a house?” The most common answers people give are either the kitchen or the master bathroom. There’s no denying that these are extremely important parts of a home, and unfortunately, some of the most expensive areas to tackle. Thankfully there is one that is generally cheaper that’s also more beneficial: Knocking out interior walls.

So what makes removing walls so great? First, you have to consider the history of home building. In the 80’s and 90’s homes were built with more identifiable rooms. For example, dining rooms and living rooms would almost never be connected to each other, also, it was very uncommon to see a home built with the kitchen being viewable from the living room. There were some great reasons for these types of designs, and there are still a handful of people who still prefer this style. In particular, the blessing of not having to worry about house guests see you make a mess while you cook is attractive to some home buyers. This style of home design is growing more and more out of favor though, and people will pay a lot more money on a home that flows and has excellent sight lines.

So which walls are the best to knock out? Which ones add the most value? This can’t be answered without first answering a couple of other questions: Which walls being removed will give the impression that the most space possible has been created? Are the best walls to remove load bearing walls, which will cost far more money to remove? It’s important to factor in the price of removing any given wall. Just because it can increase the home’s value the most, doesn’t mean it’s the best investment for the home.

So let’s recap what to look for:

  • Your objective is to create the greatest sight lines possible in your home
  • Make sure you calculate the value of removing the wall with the cost of removing it
  • Know what it is buyers are looking for in homes, so that you make the best updates possible

There are many homes that need a lot of work and updating. If you take the steps to ensure your property is effectively remodeled, you can create a home that is valuable without spending a fortune. If you’ve got a home that is outdated and needs a remodel, and you’d like to find out how to increase it’s home value to the highest degree, give us a call at 239-494-5164, or email us at greensunhomes@outlook.com.



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